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Test Paper :4
Paper Type : Candidates Experiences
Test Date : 26 July 2006
Posted By : Ram Sekher


Hi Friends,

This is my experience of HCL off campus held in Andhra University Visakhapatnam. I am from Mechanical background and HCL has huge requirements in Mech field. There were only three rounds

1. Written exam
2. Technical Interview
3. HR Interview

Written Exam:

The pattern for the exam was Aptitude 35 questions (1mark each there was -ve marking of 0.5 marks) Technical test (40 questions no negative marking) to our surprise they gave separated technical question paper for mechanical ppl
The entire test lasted for 90 mins irrespective of what questions you attempt. They give u both question papers at same time

Aptitude paper:
It consisted of 4 sections.
First section had some data interpretation type questions(1-12 Q nos.) two sets of questions having 5 question s each which are of cat model (though not as hard as CAT).
Second section has Quant questions most of them similar to CAT like time and distance, time and work, numbers, etc.
Third and fourth sections had verbal question similar to CAT like para jumbles, sentence corrections, etc,
So ppl preparing 4 Cat can get thru apt paper very easily.

Tech paper:
It had all technical theory question from all mech topics like (SM, Thermal, TOM, Mechanics, etc)

Technical Interview:

This is where they ruled out maximum number of students. It was relly hard one to crack. This was full technical round based on entirely mechanical questions. They mainly concentrated on Engineering Drawing and Strength of materials and thermal topics. Be prepared strongly in drawing on topics like drawing front view, top view and side view, isometric view etc. Be confident in telling answers even though u don't know answers. He tests mainly on this thing.

HR round:

This was done only for name sake. They took 100 percent people who cleared technical interview. No one was rejected in HR round.