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I am not a superstitious person so today is just another day to me. If I was superstitious, though, I would have cause to be today.

Let me tell you a very short story.

For breakfast, lately, I have been having two scrambled eggs with a little bit of cheese. This works out to 200 calories and I like it. Every morning I go to the fridge, take out the eggs, and sort of toss them on the counter while I get the cheese. Not a huge toss but I generally don't place them there gently either. It's like a 4-6 inch lateral toss from an inch above the counter. It's not a big deal.

This morning I reach into the fridge. I grab the carton of eggs, like normal. But then, without thinking, I proceed to toss it halfway across the kitchen. I wasn't throwing it "at" anything. I don't know what I was thinking.

I just lobbed it, without looking, towards the stove (which is at the opposite corner from my fridge). I didn't even process, mentally, what I had just done until I heard the carton hit the floor and that woke me up out of my stupor.

What the heck was I thinking?!?!? There's nothing in my fridge that I would throw like that so it's not like I was acting out some common method I used for a different ingredient! What a way to start my Friday the 13th. Now, if I was superstitious, I probably would have seen this as a bad thing.

As it was, I actually was pretty happy with the end result. Of the 8 eggs, only five of them broke and none were smashed. The five were just cracked bad enough that I felt "obligated" to use them immediately.

Instead of being a horrible start to my day. This was an excuse to have a decadent 5 egg omelet for breakfast. Well, it became scrambled eggs because none of my pans are big enough to really make an omelet that huge. I threw in some onions and got them all fried up and still kept a slice of cheese.

It was somewhere in the range of 400-450 calories (I called it 450 to be safe) for breakfast. But why not? I can fit that into my calorie limit for the day and I enjoyed it.

So yeah, I had a good, albeit, weird start to my day. I still have no idea what was going through my head when I decided to just toss the carton of eggs over my shoulder.

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