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Happy birthday Lauren Gottlieb

The lovely Lauren Gottlieb who celebrates her birthday today, June 8, has won loads of hearts with her warm demeanour and sensational dancing skills. She wowed the audience in India when she moved from LA to pursue her acting career with her debut film ANY BODY CAN DANCE! Here are a few things you probably did not know about Lauren Gottlieb…

Lauren kick-started her career at a very early age… She made her first appearance in Hollywood at the age of 14. Other than being a graceful dancer, Lauren is also an amazing baker. She has definitely got a sweet tooth but is all thumbs when it comes to cooking!

Before becoming an actor or a dancer, Lauren had always been keen on becoming a therapist. She always fancied visiting space which also made her want to become an astronaut! Lauren, who never was star-struck, started panicking when Tom Cruise invited her over to a party and got her introduced to Will Smith. Lauren had her fan girl moment when she met her childhood favourite Will Smith.
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