No meal is ever complete without a dessert. Our desserts section specialises in Kheers, Rabdis, Halwas and a variety of Indian Sweets.
1 cup chana dal
1 cup jaggery
30 to 50 gm of ghee ( at ur discretion )
cashew nut ,badam ( almonds ), dry grapes , elaichi powder 1 tea spoon ,
gratted coconut 30 gm .

how to prepare .
1. cook out the channa dal separately in a cooker ( about three whistles enough ) the dal should not be toom much mashed up ,it should be a bit grainy .
2. take this in a vessel , put the jaggery inside and start to heat at low flame, add water and cook it, until it becomes somewhat sticky ( like sugar syrup of jamoon ) u can come to know by taking in a spoon and touching it.
3. take the mix of al lthe nuts and fry in ghee , until the cashew color goes a bit brown .
4. Now add this fried nuts into the mixture got from Step 2 and stire well so that the nuts are distributed equally .
5. add the elaiche power to the mixture from step 4 and stir .
6 lastly add the grated coconut and stir well , keep it aside for heating on low flame for about 3 to 5 min .
7. add the ghee to add to the taste . (dont add too much ) and mix it well.
8. serve it hot .

it is not a desert and so to be eaten during the main course of food or beginning .
( the above sizes will serve for 3 people if we take the cup size to be about 100ml ) :) :)