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Grown Up
I hv grown up,
and so have my heart and soul..
But still resides,
deep inside,
A kid-serene and pure..

The kid asks me-
"Why are you hiding me here,
Why cant I grow up,
and see the adult world..??"

To it,i always think,
and then i mutter softly-
"this adult world is full of struggles,
full of misery,
full of darkness,
full of pain..
it has none of your innocence,
it has none of your happiness,
it cant see your kindness..
if i let you go..
you will also become one like that.."

the kid listens to me,then asks again,
"does that mean i wont ever see,
or face what lies ahead of me..??"

Again i ponder upon,
and then reply-
"Now i am young,and its good to have a child at heart,
i'll let you outside the day i start becoming old..
for then even if my body turns sour..
my heart would still be-young