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No. 4 Kansas City
20 Greenest Cities in America
Kansas City offers a nice reminder that green practices can be beautifully functional: the 200-plus fountains around the city first began during the 19th century as clean drinking sources, erected over natural springs. Today, readers gave the city top marks for its barbecue, and one of the most buzzed-about barbecue joints is The Local Pig, which prides itself on using only local, humanely raised livestock. In the name of good reusing, Kansas City also ranked at No. 1 for flea markets—like the jewelry, tchotchkes, and old-style radios at River Market Antiques. The city will likely boost its mass transit ranking in 2016, when its new public streetcar starts rolling. In the meantime, KC also excelled at one serious anti-waste category: it won the survey for being affordable.