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50 Great Affordable Colleges in the Western USA
Bellingham, Washington

A short walk from downtown Bellingham sits Western Washington University, listed as one of Kiplinger’s Best Values in 2013. WWU touts its commitment to faculty availability, with a student-faculty ratio of 20:1 and only 2% of classes taught by TAs. Students are encouraged to customize their educational experience, through options such as the Fairhaven College interdisciplinary experience. WWU has operated on the leading edge of green sciences since it founded the Huxley College of the Environment in 1969. Student initiative led to the launch in 2005 of a quarterly fee (up to $7 per student) to enable the university to purchase renewable energy and fund student-driven energy projects. When they’re not saving the planet, students might relax playing one of more than 30 intramural sports, participating in 200+ clubs, or laughing with the Dead Parrots Society comedy improve troupe.

Net Price: $14,253
Ranking: 15th