Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.
There exists something very complex and grand,
which even Einstien could not understand.
It makes every boy's heart go in a whirl,
That thing is - the mind of a girl.

A secret no man could ever unravel,
Although far and wide did he travel.
Let them try and break the shackles,
Even if it means a rip on their knuckles,

A boy likes a girl, primarily for her face,
And also her figure if it's like a curvy vase.
Looks do matter for a girl, but there's something more,
It's the boy's character, that's always at the fore.

Boys are quite casual, with many girl-friends at a time,
Girls are not quite so, they don't just fall for a dime.
They may have many crushes, will never disclose them,
But there's always a special someone, they'll adore like a gem.

A girl will take good time, to turn her "like" to "love",
Immediately afterwards, she will want you to take the "vow".
To pledge unflinching love and never ever betray,
This to most boys, is something out of the way.

Boys are the first ones, who want to get physical,
But before commiting, girls don't think it's ethical.
This is very true and boys seldom make a try,
To get into the girl's place, and know the reason why!

A girl wants a boy to be unique in himself,
But every boy imitates a Shahrukh, Salman or Saif!
The girl likes the boy for what he really is,
But the boy wants the girl to become something - "like this"!

Girls like their personal space, which boys seldom give.
He wants her all the time and becomes very possessive.
A girl hates being ruled and finally gives away,
The boy keeps wondering, what went wrong in his way!

A girl will reveal her mind, to a kind and patient boy,
All he needs to do, is just act a bit coy.
It's a battle of the sexes, and the boys just likes to win here,
If nothing else, atleast this will bring them some cheer.

So remember all that you have now read,
Before on the path of love you tread!
Now you know what is the correct way,
Try finding wat he thinks, before he can even say!