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ImageIf you feel like pampering yourself but don't want to spend hundreds of rupees at a beauty parlour, don't fret! Here are some easy home beauty treatments that will have your skin, hands and feet looking their best at a fraction of the cost.
Good home facial
It's possible to get that glow on your face in one hour and in the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is go through these simple steps to have your face feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Like for all procedures, a facial needs three things -? key ingredients, the process list and some wholesome enthusiasm.

Remember, a facial will take time SO keep yourself free for an hour or two.

There is a run-up to the process. Here's what you need to do before you get down to a facial:
~ A good time to do a facial is at night. Ideally, it is required that you do not face harsh sunlight immediately after a facial.
~ Secondly, you should avoid applying soap to your face at least for 8-10 hours after a facial. The chemicals of some soaps may react with your sensitive skin and cause a reaction.
~ Your skin needs to rejuvenate after the facial. And hence, a good night's sleep will work wonders.
~ If you are getting this facial for an occasion, remember to plan in advance. A facial takes about a day or two to truly show results. So, plan accordingly.
~ Whatever ingredients you use, such as creams and packs, need to be tested before they are applied to the entire face. So, try small samples first. Most of us know what our skin types are. It would also be advisable to put these on your hand for say 15 minutes to check if you are allergic to some of the products.
~ The process might be a bit messy, so put on an apron or old outfit that you do not use anymore.