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Early 90's marked the onset of social interaction and online social networking on the World Wide Web. But it was the year 1999 that witnessed the launch of the first trust-based social networking model. Since then, several networking sites have joined the bandwagon and lots of innovations have got underway. The users now enjoy greater control in terms of content and connectivity. Besides, there are sites that allow comprehensive free people search. People can find more phone numbers and addresses with the help of telephone search and get in touch with their childhood buddies.

Initially opened for and by the non-US college community, the social networking sites soon gained popularity in other corners of the globe and gradually turned out to be the mainstream way to network socially. In fact it has become an essential branch of the global online community not just for societal purposes but for business too. Social networking sites have become one of the trade tactics for the capitalists. There are over 200 networking sites that are making their presence felt on the Web. But the first one to hit the bull's eye was Friendster followed by MySpace and Bebo. The response to these sites is proof enough to show their popularity. MySpace has over 245 million registered users and Facebook has 124 million clients to their credit.

Searching for people has never been so easy. To be a registered user of these sites you do not need to have computer expertise or any special computer training or skills. All that is required is an Internet connection. Finding someone's personal information or a person's possible whereabouts with the help of these social networking sites has become a child's play. From the comforts of home, users can find people and become friends online. They can also locate missing people, get back long lost love, perform a background check or rejuvenate the bond of friendship with their friends scattered all around the globe. Through chartrooms an individual can meet new people and date in a more personal way. Singles gather together and form communities to share their ideas and have fun. Lonely hearts find their partners – courtesy social networking sites. The social security number provided by the networking sites aim to curb cyber crime by tracking individuals.

But often searching people through these sites can be a time-consuming affair and involve lower rates of success in finding the right person one is searching for. There are better tools online where users can now conduct online search and find people conveniently and successfully. One such search engine is PeopleSearches.com where people can straight away search for people by typing the required personal detail, for instance the first name, last name, or the State. With the help of its extensive database that contains comprehensive personal data updated on a regular basis, the search engines show immediate and more accurate search results.

Gone are the days when people used to shed tears for their long lost friends. It's time to get connected online, make friends and share the message of love and universal brotherhood globally.

Author: Rahul Rungta