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GE Capital India was established in 1993 as a wholly owned subsidiary of GE Capital Services, USA. GE Capital Services is one of the largest and most diversified corporates in the global finance market with assets of US $300 billion.It consists of 27 diversified businesses in the areas of consumer services, equipment management, mid-market financing, specialised financing and speciality insurance. In 1998, GE Capital Services had net earnings of US $3.8 billion and achieved a 23.5% return on equity.

GE Capital has four divisions in India -
1) Consumer Finance- Financing a range of products like white goods, office equipment, two-whelers, automobiles , travellloans. It has a subsidiary that was set up along with HDFC and Maruti to finance new car purcahses (Maruti Countrywide Auto Financial Services Ltd.) . GE Capital has a tie-up with SBI to provide, service and market credit cards in India.
2) Commercial Equipment Division :GE Capirtal also has a commercial equipment finance division that offers leasing, hire purchase of commercial vehicles
3) International Services. Commercial Services Division: GE Capital offers back office support and remote central processing, business process management facilities to international customers. It has established its first world class remote processing centre in Gurgaon (near Delhi) and is in the process of setting up another world class facility at Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) to cater to the expansion of its remote processing services business. It has also established a Decision Science Centre in Bangalore that is responsible for developing predictive tools and models for all aspects of customer management.
4) Commercial Finance Division: Global financing for acquisitions, asset based lending and invoice discounting, working capital financing, private equity, investment support and syndication services for a broad cross-section of Indian industry. Privet Equity and Loan Syndication are an important part of this division's operations.

Sales & Marketing of car finance, equipment finance. Product Design in consumer and commercial finance, private equity & loan sysndication areas.Company occassionally recruits for HR and operations.

Countrywide Commercial Financial Services, Ltd.
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