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ImageBy most standards, 2007 was a pretty good year for gamers. Gamepad crushers feasted on the likes of The Orange Box, Crysis, Bio-Shock and who can forget the little matter of Halo 3 or the staggering success of the Nintendo Wii.

Sure, Hellgate: London was not exactly Diablo 3 and the PlayStation 3 was as heavy on the purse as on the specs (although it did serve up some stunning games).

All in all, if 2007 was a fish, gamers sure would not have chucked it back in the water. But, what about the year 2008?

Well, gaming pundits would have us believe that, although we might not see something as high-profile as the PS3 cantering down the gaming ramp, the year could be a busy one for gamers, with some rather interesting games and hardware due for release.

So, here we bring eight products that are going to give people reason to game on in 2008.