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My world had been that of pizzas and chips;
Of arguing with my buddies with words, stones and sticks;
Of leaving for a movie at half past eight at night;
And turning up home next morning at six.

My dad had got livid at my adolescent trend;
He then curfewed me for weeks on end;
He'd told me, "Get a life of your own, you lazy lout!!!
Forever on me you cannot depend."

I'd shouted back – this for too much for me to take;
"Now don't you start this crap all over again; for god's sake!!!
I'm seventeen – and mature enough;
My own decisions I can very well take!!!"

But then one night – my dad died – I guess god had this long due;
That wretched day I still remorsefully rue;
I'm still to come to terms with being an orphan;
Why do I have only one parent while everyone else has two?

The friends who once fancied me now claimed not to know me;
Even my relatives with ties of blood had nothing but false sympathy to show me;
Sitting in the same church where I'd once worshipped god;
I now asked him – eye to eye - if he'd any other weapon left with which to blow me.

I'll jump into a river and die – the first one that I can find;
This is precisely what came at that time into my mind;
But then I realized – and I'm pretty glad I did;
What'll become of the mother I leave behind?

So I pulled up my socks – and then my hard work began;
I'd been slugging along the road of life – but now I feverishly ran;
Leaving all my boyish pleasures behind;
I'd now gone ahead and become a man.

Fifty years down the line – through wounds, wear, tear and tan;
I'm a loving husband, a doting father and my country's richest man;
But that dark night of my father's death remains etched in my memory;
Because that's where my journey towards my destiny began.