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It's not just you. Studies show that over a third of Americans have trouble sleeping. But why?

There are too many reasons to count. Perhaps you're anxious about a big test the next day. You could have stayed up binge-watching Netflix for too long. For some, however, there seems to be no logical reason why sleep evades them.

Whatever your reason for being awake, you've come to the right place. These are ten of the best ways to help you sleep like a baby.

1. Stay away from screens before bed.
10 Foolproof Tricks To Stop Insomnia and Get Good Sleep
This goes for TVs, smartphones, tablets, and everything else with a glowing screen. Even Kindles are bad for you. Why? The light emitted from these screens can actually decrease melatonin production, which is what your brain produces to help you sleep. Researchers also suggest that this light interferes with circadian rhythms in your brain. You may be tricking yourself into thinking it's daytime!

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