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Find out if he/she is the one for you

Here's a quiz that'll tell you if he/she is the one for you...

For Her
When you meet his friends, he...

a) Is conscious of the fact that you are around, and you get a feeling his friends don't seem to approve of you.
b) You haven't still met all his friends because you always hang out together.
c) Just as casual as he is when we are with common friends. In fact, you like hanging out with them.

His response to term plans is...
a) We avoid talking it as he believes in living the moment.
b) He has already thought of the names of our kids and what schools would they go to and the careers they would pursue!
c) He wants to commit, but is not too sure about the future. He would want to plan things better.

When you wish to clear out issues with him, but...
a) He wants to give time so that the problem steers away.
b) He hears you out patiently and then explains himself.
c) He doesn't bother about what you feel or have to say.

He understands your feeling well...
a) You have to constantly say how much you love him.
b) Without you having to tell him that every time.
Even if you do tell him, he seems hopeless

When you are together, you:
a) Like to spend time with him and want to get to know more of him.
b) Are at your most comfortable. His presence is enough to make you feel at home.
c) Feel so awkward and conscious, you can't wait to leave.

For Him
Do you get butterflies in your stomach when she is near?
a) It has been six months or more now, so not really.
b) All the time, especially when you see don't see her for a few days.
c) You never got those in the first place as you are a practical guy.

Her attitude about you meeting her family...
a) She is terrified about the fact.
b) You've met her family, and even though you didn't think it went well, she assures you it wasn't all that bad!
c) She is waiting for the right moment even though it has been quite a while since you began dating

The qualities you have been looking out for...
a) She seems to fit your bill perfectly.
b) You haven't figured it out yet.
c) You may have realised that she's the girl, but you refuse to accept your feelings for her.

You love her a lot, but...
a) You don't like the way she constantly nags you.
b) There's nothing that you would want to change about her.
c) You like her but not in its entirety.

Do you worry that she will leave you for another guy?
a) Maybe, she has a wide circle of male friends who she swears are platonic.
b) Never! I can swear by her fidelity.
c) Yes, all the time. She flirts with your good looking pals all the time.

You look jaded and she sees you coughing. Her reaction is:
a) To ask about your health and suggests home remedies.
b) Immediate attention. She offers to accompany you to the doc and even nurse you at home.
c) Non-existent. You don't even know if she noticed you are under the weather.

The sight of her makes you...
a) Swoon and thank the heavens.
b) Forget the really bad day that you had
c) Nothing. You just want to complete the next stage of Mortal Kombat.

She wants to meet during a Arsenal/ Man U match, you...
a) Try to reason with her and invite her for the game too.
b) Ditch all your friends and popcorn, duh.
c) Break your phone and throw it in the lake.

Below are the results from the quiz. If You have more than 50% answers saying 'A', 'B' or 'C', you have a clear answer to your quiz. Otherwise, you can continue to be confused.
A. You need time to figure out things, and commiting at this stage isn't wise!
B. You're both golden and good to go. So, put a ring on it already!
C. You need to leave each other be and look for more compatible partners.