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When we try on clothes at a store, there are quite a few troubling things that occur, and we don't even realize it. Realistically, we are trying on clothes that were worn by other people, and we don't really think about the germs their bodies might be carrying. We can't really get an accurate read on what the clothes look like, since we're usually stuck in an uncomfortable box known as the "fitting room." Perhaps what's most annoying about trying on clothes is how we have to keep putting on and taking off our clothes. It's just too much!

Fortunately, the future is here. This mirror in a store in Japan lets you try on clothes without actually trying on clothes. Check it out!

That is a super-convenient piece of technology. However, it presents a new trouble: you're going to have to stand in your underwear or whatever kind of bikini this woman is wearing. I guess we may never perfect trying on clothes after all...

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