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Card tricks

While you can’t prevent scamsters from being on your trail, you should know how to deal with a sticky situation When it comes to dealing with a credit card fraud or misuse, knowledge is your best weapon of defence The affected lender is bound to report such defaults under your name.

This will create hurdles for your future loan applications Instead of running for your credit report after your loan request has been rejected, apply for one every two years You can get a copy of your credit report from credit information companies like Cibil and Experian for a fee If you spot discrepancies after scrutiny, you can alert the credit information bureau which, in turn, will inform the lender concerned If your version is found to be accurate, your records will be updated accordingly.

But, Cibil or Experian will act only on the instructions of the lender If the lending institution sticks to its stand, you can approach its nodal officer directly to make your case. If the nodal officer fails to resolve the grievance, you can approach RBI's customer service department and the Banking Ombudsman’s office.
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