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Do not let your Guard Down

While Deshpande’s case did have a reasonably satisfactory conclusion, not everyone can hope to be that fortunate. Fraudsters will forever be on the lookout to con people which means there is always a chance that you could be the next unsuspecting target.

Identity theft, though not rampant in India, is certainly not unheard of. It is important you do not let your guard down while dealing with direct selling agents or even bank officials as a recent Citibank incident has demonstrated. Many banks, taking note of the constant risk, have set up fraud detection units or have outsourced the task to external detective agencies with forensic skills.

However, some fraudsters can always manage to circumvent this filtering process and get a credit card issued without your knowledge. While you can’t prevent scamsters from being on your trail, you can arm yourself with knowledge to help you wriggle out of the situation unscathed. So, keep yourself updated about your repayment record.