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You can be a victim of a fraudulent transaction

Investigation showed that the address listed in the bank’s database , too, was fictitious. Clearly, he had become victim of a fraudulent transaction where a trickster had managed to get a credit card issued in Deshpande’s name. When he reported the matter to this card issuer , the situation deteriorated.

Instead of acknowledging and rectifying the error, the bank despatched recovery agents to his house to coax him into ‘repaying’ the amount, causing considerable mental harassment. “The agents violated RBI norms laid down in this regard.

They even landed up at the school where his wife was employed and resorted to intimidation, resulting in severe embarrassment for her,” says VN Kulkarni, chief counsellor with the Bank of India-sponsored Abhay Credit Counselling Centre, whom Deshpande approached for help. Finally , after months of complaints and innumerable follow ups with the card issuer, his records were corrected and now, the company has sent a letter of apology to him.
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