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In the endless sea of innocence
Deep within an infant's eyes
Drifts the unsinkable ship of
Truth, with its sails on high

Silent, serene and sincere – his
Peaceful eyes can be described;
But this is the defines his today,
Tomorrow belongs to the other side

He'll envelope himself by grotesque
Sheets of unbreakable complexity
And bind his existence with falsehood
By chains of long corrupted fantasy.

But his soul will cling to on to it,
All through, and discreetly nurture
It's complexity – allowing the rhythm
Of his life defy the rhythm of nature

But neither autumn's red-lipped fruitage
Nor the spell of spring lasts all day.
No matter how long it breathes, no
Matter whatever it be, it fades away

And so will those eyes, one dusk
Break free from its cold hard shell
But alas! Just to seep into another
And in it for a new week dwell!
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