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In the age of the internet, no one stays private in his own fortress for too long. One way or the other, a person will have to come out of his shell; either through feeling of being isolated or through peer pressure, a person is bound to have an internet identity. Social networking is nothing new. In the past, there were already trends that led to what we know now as Facebook. But what we have in Facebook is by far the most advanced of the social networking sites since MySpace.

Now the question is: is Facebook good or is it bad? As a social networking site seeming like a necessity in our daily life; is it really still beneficial for us to have a social networking account to maintain? Presently, there are so many points to consider. Social networking in general's primary goal is to enhance the connection that humans have. With the way we are living our lives, with such mobility in the present, people will normally lose any connection with a casual acquaintance. With the benefit of the social networking sites, people now can have a chance to get in touch with people though only considered as acquaintance.

Admit it or not, Facebook can do wonders. But doesn't their security feature scare people a bit? With the information being asked, people have the tendency to overdo things by giving off way too much information. This way, even your number is for everyone to see! Facebook is the newest avenue for stalkers to thrive. Could you imagine being searched by your boss via Facebook to know what you are up to lately? And, to further fan the flame, there are already instances when employees were removed from the workplace because of their activities via Facebook.

With the kind of dilemma everybody is faced today, is social networking still a good thing to maintain or is it something that needs to be trashed? It now depends on each individual's priority and their motive on signing through sites like Facebook. There are businesses who signs up in social networking sites to expand their grip on their target consumers. Because the internet is not just a world of information and venue for communication, it is also a world of different competing businesses and sites in the networking world is not excused. As a resolution, if you want privacy and at the same time you'd also want to maintain contact with different acquaintances; you will need to read more about each site's privacy settings. Being versed in the manipulation of privacy settings will keep precious information away from the people you don't wish to see your photos, profile, phone number and all of the personal things.

John Michael Jayme is a registered nurse who also works as a web copy writer for different companies.