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Q: I want to start by talking about really troubling issues this year, which emerged out of England. And it's just not the Pakistan problem, although it seems to be manifesting itself on Pakistani players. How worrying is the image that you saw emerging out of England and the exposes that happened subsequently where we got the impression that there is a scourge, a sort of spot-fixing and match-fixing is still around in world cricket?

Imran: I think it's a huge problem. I think in particular it's devastating for Pakistan. But you know something, looking at those images, any team could be doing it. It's almost impossible to detect. How can you tell whether someone bowled a no-ball by taking money or it's an accident? No-balls are bowled in cricket. My worry is that this could be far more widespread than we think, spot-fixing I'm talking about. Match-fixing is a much bigger deal and perhaps can be detected. Who's going to detect that? If a batsman plays a maiden over, how do you know he is taking money or not? That's my worry, that this could be quite widespread. It was the 'News of the World' sting operation, not some ICC investigation that caught them. So bear in mind that it was just by chance that it came out. Even Hansie Cronje's case was completely by fluke. It just happened that the phone got tapped and by chance he got caught. So therefore, I think measure need to be taken and they need to be drastic like bank accounts. All the players should submit their bank accounts. They should make it so transparent that how much money they have, how much tax they pay, assets declaration. It's got to be much more extensive, so that the deterrent factor is there, so that the people are scared that they can be caught. Otherwise, I don't know how you are going to catch spot-fixing.

Q: Arjuna, you had a spell as an administrator and a strong captain of your team. There will be a hearing in January against these three Pakistani players. It's upon the ICC to prove their guilt since they have suspended them. What in your mind is the way forward to get rid of the menace?

Ranatunga: I think it will be very difficult to do that. The important factor is like what Imran said. I add to that you need cricket expertise to watch cricket because you can have the best cop in the world but I am sure that he won't be able to identify something happening in cricket. But may be if you can get hold of five-six very honest past cricketers to sit with them, may be they might identify some funny things happening. Actually I mentioned this to the ICC a couple of years back but it's very, very important that the past cricketers, honest cricketers, are part of this anti-corruption unit because it's easier to monitor.

Imran: You need Scotland Yard or whatever, their expertise, to monitor the other things like bank balances, money transactions, tapping phone calls. It can destroy cricket. Because I know in Pakistan today people are totally demoralised. They don't want to watch cricket because of these allegations that have come out. It has just devastated the cricketing public. If I can have doubts, what about a common guy who doesn't understand cricket. He will think each time the team loses, it's fixed.