This is where we make fun of Religions and communities. Hilarious Community Jokes in the most harmless sense.
There was an Englishman, an Indian and a Pakistani driving along, when they rolled the car and the three of them got killed. They went to Heaven and met St Peter at the Pearly Gates. They explained that they'd been killed and needed a place to stay.

St Peter replied, "I'd love to help you boys but we're full up after the holiday season. I'm afraid you'll have to go into Limbo till there's a vacancy."

The Englishman slipped St Pete £50 and asked if that'd make any difference.

St Peter said, "For that mate, you can go back to Earth."

By the time the Englishman got back, there were police everywhere and an ambulance. They all got a real shock when he sat up.

"What happened? You've been dead for half and hour," asked the ambulance driver.

He told them about St Peter and the £50, so the ambulance driver asked why the other two didn't come back.

"Well," says the Englishman, "the Indian is trying to bargain him down and the Pakistani reckons the government should pay for it!"