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Frequency Options

* Individual Emails
Messages are delivered one at a time to your email inbox. This is the best option if you want to keep up on the latest posts immediately. Email attachments, if included in a message and allowed by your moderator, will be sent directly to you.

To set this option via mail please send an email to -

* Daily Digest
Messages are delivered in batches of 25 or daily, whichever comes sooner. This is the best option if you want to receive fewer mail messages and don't need up-to-the minute posts in your inbox. Email attachments are not available in digests.

* Only Special Announcements
This means you'll receive email messages only when the group moderator posts a "Special Announcement" message. This is a good option if you want to pass on day-to-day discussion for very busy groups but do want to receive important updates from the group moderator. Keep in mind that usage by each moderator will vary. (The moderator may choose to never use this feature, in which case you would never receive email messages, or may choose to use it frequently.)

*No Mail / Web Only
The best option to choose if you prefer to only read messages on the web. Also useful if you need to temporarily put message delivery on hold, for example while you're on vacation. However, keep in mind that (while rare) some groups do not enable the "message archive" feature and for these groups it is not possible to read messages on the web. It is a moderator decision on whether to enable the message archive feature.

To customize your Frequency Options, go to and click on Edit Membership at the top of your group's home page make changes by selecting your preferences under the Message Delivery section, and click Save Changes.

Format Options

* Full-Featured
Includes links giving you instant access to all group features (photos, calendar, profiles, polls, files, etc.), the ability to see all messages to a topic, and a "recent activity module" providing information on new activity in the group over the last seven days. Definitely the best choice for groups that use more than just the message features or groups where you want to take advantage of the message archive.

* Traditional
Emails are delivered "as is", without the addition of any links back to the group, except in the footer of the email. The right choice if your email client doesn't effectively support the "Full Featured" format.

To customize your Format Options, click on and click on Edit Membership at the top of your group's home page, select your option of choice and click Save Changes.