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► What is Drifting?
Instead of a driver causing a drift into one corner and then countering to straighten out, he will instead over-steer his car so it will go into another drift around another corner. The best explanation of a good drifter is someone who has the ability to maneuver their car around a series of 4 to 5 corners without ever really having any traction.

►How is Drifting Done?
Drifting can be initiated in two ways depending on whether you have a front or rear wheel drive car. The first method is to depress the clutch and gear down into second gear when approaching a corner or bend in the road and rev your engine to about 4000-5000 RPM. As you are coming up, slightly turn your steering wheel so the car is going away from the corner and then cut back towards it while at the same time releasing the clutch causing the rear wheels to spin. Basically you are doing a burnout. At this point you should feel a loss of traction in your tires giving your car a hydroplane effect as you begin sliding around the curve. Don't let the drift go because this will give you momentum to take on the next corner. Keep your foot on the accelerator as you control your car keeping it from spinning out as you approach the next turn. Now cut your steering wheel in the direction of the turn and your car will powerslide right through it. If you came out of your first drift too slow, just pop the clutch again to get your wheel's spinning.

The other method is to use your handbrake. If you have a front wheel drive car, this will be the only way you can accomplish the drift. As you approach a bend, pull-up on your hand brake until you feel your car lose tire traction. Normally you will only be able to drift through one corner this way as using the hand brake will cause you to slow down.