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Dressing for College

Tattooing has come a long way and has now found a place in mainstream fashion. With its growing popularity, affordibility is no longer an issue and body art is fast becoming the rage.
You can now get a symbol that you identify with neatly imprinted on the nape of your neck, your ankle or even on your tailbone for as little as Rs 200. For macho guys, the shoulder area and arms are usually the canvas for a tattoo.

But for those of you who are not too keen on the permanence of a tattoo or the pain that getting one entails, don't fret. Temporary tattoos in a wide variety of designs and sizes are easily available and look as real as a permanent one.

Nail art is another trend doing the rounds. Nail art parlours offer a vibrant variety of designs accompanied by false nails as and when needed. Body piercing continues to be in fashion too.

But don't get carried away, subtle and neat work is in vogue when it comes to body art this season.