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A Dog, a Cow and a Goat were stolen. Three suspects got caught: Raghu, Kiran and Sam. Each person stole one animal, but we do not know who stole which. Here are the investigation statements.

* Raghu said: Sam stole the Dog.
* Kiran said: Sam stole the Cow.
* Sam said: They both were lying. I did not steal the Dog or the Cow.

Later on, the police found out the man who stole the goat told a lie. The man who stole the dog told the truth. Can you find out who stole which?

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Sam stole the Cow
Raghu stole the Goat
Kiran stole the Dog

The man who stole the dog told the truth. All we need to do is to find out who was that.
If Raghu had stolen the dog he would not said: Sam stole the dog. He should said: I stole the dog or Sam did not steal the dog. If Sam had stolen the dog, he would not said: I did steal the dog.
So Kiran stole the dog. What he said was true: Sam stole the cow. Then Raghu stole the goat and told a lie.