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ImageDoes this sound familiar? "I'm successful at work but just can't make it happen in love." If you are a single, successful woman over 30-35, who has excelled in academics and the professional sphere, it's not so easy to meet the right man.

Experts believe that women, who are leaders at heart, need a different kind of man to be happy. Explains Dr Rajendra Barve, psychiatrist, "Usually, it hurts a man's ego to have a more successful wife."

Adds adman Prahlad Kakkar, "Successful women are not used to compromising, whereas all marriages need compromise to be successful."

Married to a model and now separated, well-known choreographer Lubna Adams says, "It does intimidate men who are not very confident and have a point to prove. They are scared of approaching a successful woman. Men hold back and wonder whether they will be accepted or the woman is high-maintenance."

A successful lawyer in his mid-30s, requesting anonymity, affirms that most of his single male friends are hesitant to approach women who are rich, successful, brilliant and beautiful. "They assume these women are not in the same league as them and won't be interested at all," he says. Remarks marriage counsellor Manasi, "It's lonely at the top. They also get engrossed in their work and marry late. A woman is expected to nurture a relationship. Men can find such women intimidating."

It's widely accepted wisdom that women are attracted to power and success, while men are attracted to youth and beauty. Says marriage counsellor Deepika Motwani, "Security, companionship, a sense of belonging and commitment are some reasons why people marry."

However, there are some women achievers who believe that romance doesn't elude successful women. A prominent journalist and winner of several awards, says, "It's all about luck." Adds actor Zeenat Aman, "Successful women can definitely find love and have meaningful relationships. It also depends upon the man she is involved with. Some can sustain their relationship, some don't." Finding such a man is a tall order!

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