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So madly in love,
However our distance rips me apart.
Crying tears of blood,
That drip slowly down my body.

A collage of feelings running rampant,
Tendered by uncontrollable waves of emotion.
Scrambled thoughts linger on.
Praying for peace of mind.
Unable to calm a floodgate,
Filled with indecision and misdirection.

Feeling so lost without you.
Trying to get a grip on myself.
Desperately aching to share you again.
Losing control of my life.

Wondering what has happened to me.
Screaming out in both ecstasy and pain.
Words lost within.
Echoing over and over,
In an hollow cavity of confusion.

Realizing the indescribable horror,
That love has brought upon me.
Fighting a world alternating between,
A burning sun and total darkness.
An emptiness that only the power
Of your love can remove.
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