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by Stephanie Brail

We're constantly bombarded with negative energy from people and places around us. If we're not careful, we can take that energy in and make it our own. Additionally, the negative energy can hook itself into a vulnerable spot in your psyche - say, that spot in your heart that feels unlovable - and by pushing your buttons, suck you into a negative downward spiral.

The more we work on ourselves and heal our psychic wounds, the less likely we are to be affected by surrounding negative energy. Until we're strong and healed, we need to be very aware and careful of the energies surrounding us.

Negative Places

People and places carry their own energies that can adversely affect us. A place can hold the energies of fights, depression, and even murders and suicides. (This is why people often sage a home when they move in. Burning sage clears away the bad residual energy.)

A negative place holds the combined psychic energy of the people who inhabit it. The leadership who runs the place (if there is a leader) will often set the tone, creating a space that is either warm and nurturing or energetically draining.

For example, churches and other places of worship will often be filled with positive energy due to the prayers and intention of the audience. (Some churches, however, may have bad energy if the leadership is insincere. Yet if the congregation is sincere enough, their combined positive energy can overcome even the worst leaders.)

Yoga centers often have positive energy, especially if chanting is used. Golden Bridge Yoga in Hollywood has a palpable positive energy due to the persistent and continual chanting and Kundalini Yoga practices.

Negative spaces also have a palpable energy. Haunted locations, prisons, and soulless organizations can have bad energy. Sometimes these energies are very dark in nature. There is a vortex on the haunted ship the Queen Mary that is so negative, just standing near it can make you feel fearful and anxious.

Many healers will also cite bars and nightclubs as harbors for negative energy. The drinking and drug use will sometimes attract lower energies. So it's a good idea to shield yourself when entering such environments.