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6. Mentally disengage.
When a person is pushing your buttons and you find yourself getting emotionally overwrought, take a few deep breaths and mentally disengage. Repeat to yourself some sort of statement that feels comforting to you, such as I am letting go or I love myself.

7. Stop trying to fix the other person.
If you find yourself constantly trying to help someone who is going through a lot of personal dramas, and yet they continue to be messed up at best, it's probably time to stop. Only help people who ask you for your help and who appear to be actively trying to improve their lives. Give the others over to God.

8. Trust your own intuition.
One of the biggest problems we have is that we often ignore our own intuition to make excuses for other people. It's hard to believe that someone you love might be psychically attacking you. You want to make excuses for them. It's easier to believe that you are the bad guy. And certainly, while we are not all perfect and we do sometimes do rotten things, if a person is making you crazy, it's probably them and not you. Listen to that little voice in your head that says, Hey, this is not right. Pay attention to that sick feeling you have in your solar plexus. It's telling you something. Trust it.

9. Heal yourself.
The more you heal your inner wounds, the less likely people will be able to push your buttons. But don't kick yourself if a button is pushed - you're human! The next time someone says something to you and you find yourself overreacting, make a note of it. Later, when you've calmed down, you know you've found a little sore spot that needs some healing. A little Reiki or EFT can go a long way.

10. Laugh about it.
My friend and I have a name for people who psychically attack now. We call them "lizard people" (in reference to the controversial David Icke theory that the world is run by evil shape-shifting reptiles). Laughter is a good way to disengage and realize that what seemed threatening really isn't that threatening after all. (Psychic attacks are the most effective when you buy into them on some level.)

These are just a few suggestions to help you when dealing with negative environments and people. As you become more aware, you will find yourself able to respond more pro-actively instead of automatically. As time goes on, you will find yourself naturally being drawn to more positive environments and letting go of the ones that bring you down. Then your life can continue along a positive upward spiral.