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How to Shield Yourself

Many, many techniques are available to shield yourself from negative energies. The most important aspect of these techniques is the intention behind them. Here are a few simple ones to try:

1. Remove yourself from the person or environment.
Ideally, you will remove yourself entirely from the person or environment. I consulted for a company once that bounced so many checks that the bank shut down their account. They were actively perpetrating check fraud. They bounced my checks too. There is no good reason to keep an organization like that in your life. Even if you think you need them, you don't need them. Quit, leave, and get the hell out of dodge. (This goes for certain people too.)

2. Use the white light technique or cross your arms.
If you must be around a person or place that is negative, the simplest thing you can do is imagine yourself surrounded with white light. Do this often! When speaking to someone who has bad energy, cross your arms. It helps to keep their energy from infiltrating yours. (This is very useful at work.)

3. Go to a higher power.
If you believe in such things, God, Jesus, angels, or whatever higher power you trust can be good allies. Pray to God for protection. Ask Archangel Michael to remove negative energies from your personal space.

4. Clear the energies in your home.
Your home environment can be contaminated by negative energy, whether it's from neighbors, friends visiting, and sometimes whoever is living with you. Burn sage, meditate, or chant to clear the energy. (Om is a universal clearing mantra.) Clear out your old clutter and throw it away - often it carries old negative energy with it.

5. Cut cords.
Etheric cords are energetic highways that run between you and other people you have connected with. When used positively, they allow for the exchange of love energy and psychic information. When used negatively, they are used to drain energy and keep a person attached long after it has been good for them. Cords re-appear daily, so you should clear them as much as possible. If you don't know a cord clearing technique of your own, simply ask Archangel Michael to cut them for you at the end of each day.