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Dealing With a Negative Person

Not every negative person is actively attacking you personally. Sometimes, they are just negative, period. There's a guy I know who is universally hated by everyone who deals with him. He is condescending, arrogant, and patronizing. Yet because he's taken the reins at this particular organization and gets stuff done, he feels he is the one in the right.

This man is not actively intending to be negative, but his own personal baggage, control issues, and negative energies adversely affect most of the people he interacts with. The organization also suffers, and many people have left, in part due to his negativity. The energy has spread to the space itself, and when you walk in, you can literally feel a dark, heavy energy blanketing the location.

Unfortunately, even though such a negative person is not personally attacking you, you still need to protect yourself from them.