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Psychic Attacks

Negative people can be even more dangerous if we let them in too close without protecting ourselves energetically. A psychic attack is when a person sends negative energy to another person.

We are all guilty of psychic attacks at times. If you are swearing and wishing harm on the driver who just cut you off, you are guilty of a psychic attack. These aren't too potent, however. It's the persistent, ongoing attacks that are the problem.

For example, energy vampires are people who literally tap into our energy systems and suck vital life force away from us. Manipulators consciously and quite often unconsciously tap into our past wounds to gain power and favors. Others just go on the attack by sending the negative energies of jealousy and ill will.

Unfortunately, it's often the ones we love the most that have the potential to bring us down the most. Family is an obvious culprit, but friends and lovers are often sources of negativity and we don't even realize it. We're often aware and even blaming when it comes to family, but we do the opposite with friends and lovers: We excuse, ignore, and gloss over.

I had a friend who was an energy vampire. She was an active alcoholic (a big red flag) and would literally call me up three times per day crying her eyes out over some perceived drama in her life. I begged her to see a shrink or go to AA, and she would promise to go and then come up with an excuse.

Tied into this friend was another friend who would go from being my best buddy to stabbing me in the back at random opportunities. She would find some petty thing to get mad at me about, ignore me, and then go bad-mouth me to the first friend, never talking to me privately or giving me the opportunity to clear things up with her.

These are obvious examples, but the less obvious examples are the friends who are nice to you to your face but inside they are harboring resentments and ill will. Women in particular have to be aware of this, since women are still raised to unconsciously see each other as competitors (for male attention).

Men have to be aware that women will often hook into them for security and validation. This is not to say women are the sole perpetrators of psychic attacks, but when men attack women, it is more likely to be overt and physical.

Co-workers are also sources of psychic attacks. When going to a job, you are often mixed up with people you might not otherwise have anything in common with. Greed, jealousy, and pride will often create a lethal work environment.