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In Krishna charitha written by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, He states that there is no real person
named RADHA, in the krishnapurana... I went like "Wowwwww u gotta be kidding me!!!!"

But it seems, the oldest Mahabaratha never mentioned any character of Radha.. But it was the book called "HARVANSHA" That
First introduced an Imaginary character to Krishna's life.. What the hell's the purpose!??

Well, It was mainly due to this, (Though I couldn't recollect exact terms), Pandithyam (probably a style where will of senses are to be forfeited) style of
devotion was becoming infamous because the one(i forgot the name) other style where u can enjoy the devotion with pleasures was more attractive
among bhakthas (devotees) who read and spread Hinduism.. So like the new testament, new and attractive addons where done to the original story,
I guess Even the practice of "Raasleela" Was a new addon..

Anyway, Radha is faked! we are screwed! wow!