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ImageMain Hoon Naa [2004]

Okay, you know about this one, so we won't delve into the storyline or when Darjeeling comes into the picture.

Instead, let's get into some intricacies, like the fact that it was shot on location (St Paul's School) in just three weeks. The film was shot over the winter vacations, thus the restriction on time.

The school alumni weren't particularly pleased with the cinematic liberties that director Farah Khan took in depicting their school. Most of the complaints were regarding the director's inability to remain authentic as far as depiction of the school was concerned as well as regarding the fashion quotient of the actors involved.

A special set of Cafe Coffee Day was constructed in Darjeeling and the cast and crew were even served coffee from it.

D Tour: The role of Lucky went from Hrithik Roshan to Sohail Khan to Farhan Akhtar and finally to Zayed Khan.

Boman Irani, who plays the school principal in the film, is seen reading JK Rowling's Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, on two occasions.
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