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The pattern for DELL interview is quit simple. they only focus more on your stability. they ask same questions again and again to check ur stability.

1st round is simple introduction round where they check ur communication skills.

2nd round written is of english and other test has 10 question of computer hardware. those ques are very simple.

3rd round is one on one first HR session. they will ask u WHY U WANNA JOIN DELL? and they will ask the same ques in diffways. abt family and interest.

4th round is telephonic interview. they check ur voice quality and ask questions like. gimmw 5 reasons why should DELL take u?? gimme 2 reasons why can I reject u?? u have to be confident and firm tht DELL is only company u wanna join.

5th round is operations round. they ask basic computer terminology. even if u dont know technically u can show confidence tht DELL training will help in technical.

6th round is typing round. they make u type a document and just check how many letters u can type in a min.

7th round is one on one second HR round where u r offered ur offer letters.

whole process is very simple u just need to be confident and firm. i hope this will help u.



I am Anand attended Dell on 10th July 2006 for Techincal Support. I lost in 3rd round i.e Voice Asscent round. I would like to share my experience and pattern about dell.

1. Personal Introduction and Topic round
2. Hr Round
3. Voice Asscent round
4. Operational Manager round.
5. Hr round (Reg sal and etc)

1. Personal Introduction and Topic round:
This is easy round and they ask u to say about urself and then ask to speak on topic for minimum of 1 min and topic which i have choosen is "Importance of Team Work"

2. Hr Round
a) Tell me about urself?
b) What do u know about Dell?
c) Why do u want to join Dell?
d) R u ready to sign a bound?
e) Tell ur strenghts and weakness?
f) what is meant by BPO?

3) Voice Asscent Round
In the voice asscent round u need to speak on phone with the trainee of Dell. He will generally ask u to introduce urself and then ask u to speak about any topic and again he will give u one topic and u need to speak about it.

At last he will ask Sentence completion like
a. if it rains ----------------------------
b. in summer ------------------------
c. if i cooks -------------------------
d. if i don't cook ----------------------
e. i love -----------------------------
f. no one ------------------------
g. etc