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Deepika Padukone - Queen of Hearts Collection from Tanishq
Deepika Padukone! Queen of Hearts Collection ads from Tanishq Video Photoshoot :- By bringing Deepika on board, Tanishq proceeds its course of glorifying the value of the true bond. The star is featuring in the Tanishq as their brand ambassador who is going to blow off your mind with her stunning looks. Currently, the social media is overwhelmed with the latest photoshoot of Deepika Padukone for Tanishq and why not? Deepika is looking every bit sumptuous.

In a press conference, Deepika had once shared that how special is it for her to be a brand representative of Tanishq. She had said, "It is an incredible applause for her! Tanishq is India’s most famous and embraced jewellery brand. They believe in variation and strong design in their strategy to crafting exquisite jewellery, which stands testimony to the company’s rich fashion."
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