Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.
Sweetheart Those days, when u were here,
Life was so alive Da whole atmosphere was like a kind friend
Da paths were invitations laid out just for us by our destinations
Trees stood with their arms out 2 envelope us in their cool shade
At night all da stars smiled when they saw us
Da passing breeze would sing a soft fragrant song & then disappear
Da skies were like a blue pond where every night da Moon would bloom like a flower
This blue pond-like sky Would touch our hearts
When My love's thirst increased My sadness deepened
Baby Now life without you is barren
All da smiling colors have been washed away by tears
Every innocent joy has gone to sleep, tired and exhausted
Da heart still wants to weave dreams & bring forth roses out of rocks
For years the nights have been Moonless
I can call it hope or my stubbornness
My heart sees a light even in this darkness Yes, my hopes have turned to ashes
But I believe even in these ashes there's a banked fire
Da paths are empty now
Da destination is lonely, My love My heart is empty,
My darling Now only loneliness surrounds me
There's only silence in my heart Life without you is barren
How can I think of you
Why can't you understand?
We only remember those Whom we have forgotten at some time
Whenever I breathe My breath stabs my heart
Hope pierced my heart till now
All my dreams are about to be shattered
Every bit of particle is about to leave me Life without you is BARREN