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ImageBollywood Dancing
This is the latest trend in dance classes, where students dance to their favourite film songs.

In addition to being a Mecca for actors-in-training, Bollywood Dance classes are a great way to exercise and indulge your filmi personality.

Karishma Shah, a Bollywood Dance instructor, says, "Bollywood Dance is like any other dance. If you work up a sweat and move hard enough, you will lose weight while having a ball at the same time. It is especially good at strengthening the back and pelvic floor muscles."

Quick fact

With all of complicated and strenuous moves of Bollywood, you can burn 500 calories over an hour.

The last word

Gautam points out, "Dance is an excellent way to de-stress. We are a dance and fitness school because we emphasise on having fun along with dancing and being fit. I think it is a lot more fun than going to the gym and working out individually. Here, you work as a team. It is a superb way to make new friends too."

"The best benefit from dance is that it feels good and because of that you look good," adds Karishma.

So, if the gym doesn't appeal to you, sign up for a dance class pronto!