One of the Most important sections when you are preparing Indian dishes. Indian breads refers to a wide variety of flatbreads such as Paratha, Naan, Roti, Bhatura, Tandoori roti and other such variants which are an integral part of Indian cuisine.
aloo 1 kg
onions 4 medium sized
double roti masala or garam masala can be used
peanuts 1 cup
salt 2 tsp
red chilly powder 2 tsp
emlee and gur chutney 4 tbsp
lasoon chutney 2 tbsp

Boil the aloos and after pealing mash them well and keep aside.
In a dekchi heat 1/2 cup oil for frying the peanuts, deep fry and add salt about
1 tsp, 1 tspn sugar, red chilly powder 1/2 tsp.
In the remaining oil add lason chutney, allow to sizzle,add garam masala, red
chilly powder, emlee chutney, to this add the mashed aloos.
Serve hot as filling in bun with fried peanuts & chopped onions.