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Girl-am i prety?
G-do u want 2 live with me?
G-wil u cry if i leave u?
The girl got vexd & started 2 cry.

The boy pulled her close 2 him & said
u r not pretty but prettiest,
i dont wan 2 live with u but live 4 u,
If u leave Me i wont cry but DIE!.

Couple met wit accidnt.................

They woke up in hospital.
Girl lost her eyes.
Mnths pasd,
boy left d grl,
coz he ws discourgd 4 havin a blind gf.
Aftr yr,
grl died,
boy went 2 her burial & got a lettr.
Letter was 4him.
It said'Tak care of my eyes which i donated u,
coz i luv u so much & always wantd 2 b a part of u'.