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17 Crappy Things Indian Parents Say To Get Their Kids Marrie
Indian parents say a lot of lame, weird, and sometimes, outright bizarre things to get their kids married. While some of these things are age old dialogues playing on emotions, our parents have really come of age with some new lines. Hyderabad-based online dating portal QuackQuack learnt from this, and recently launched a campaign titled #HappilySingle, that went viral on Facebook.

The campaign highlighted the reasons people in Bengaluru were given to get married. "The answers came quick!" says Ravi Mittal, CEO. "We captured these thoughts on blackboards and asked these people to pose with their thoughts, which were then posted on the portal's Facebook page last month."

"Our Facebook insights tell us that the campaign reached 2.5 million Indians which is proof enough of how the young feel about the message" said Mittal.

The campaign was started to inform society that young Indians prefer meeting their partners by choice, which, according to Mittal, fits the motive for dating platforms launching and thriving in India.
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