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Image1. Bangladesh

In all, 654 events were registered worldwide in 2008, which caused around 93,700 deaths and economic losses of more than $123 billion. Only around a third had been insured, primarily in developed countries.

The fact that no further peak catastrophe has happened in Bangladesh, like in 1991 when 140,000 people died, is partial proof that it is possible to better prepare for climate risks and prevent larger-scale disasters.

Climate Risk Index (CRI) score: 8.0
Annual death toll due to extreme climate: 8,241
Total losses: $2,198 million (purchasing power parity)
Losses per unit of Gross Domestic Product (GDP): 1.81%

Results (annual averages) in specific indicators: Number of deaths, sum of losses in US$ in purchasing power parity (PPP) and losses per unit of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Image: Flood in Bangladesh.