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The job Interview is an essential part of the job search process - something that you just cannot avoid. Though every interview follows its own course, there are some common Interview Questions which tend to be every interviewer's favourite.

Since these questions are asked in almost all job interviewers, every job seeker and prospective employee must prepare well for these predictable questions so they are not at a loss for words when questioned.

Tell Us About Yourself -

Instead of reciting your whole family history, use this opportunity to mention how you can be an asset to the Company, thanks to your previous experience and background.

Outline your earlier accomplishments, what you gained from them and how you can utilize this knowledge in your next job.

What Happened With Your Last Job?

Never talk negatively about your last employment no matter how dissatisfied you may have been there. Instead, turn this around into a positive experience.

Mention how you are looking for better growth prospects. Refrain from telling lies. Itis always good practice to speak the truth.

Irrespective of whether you were laid off, fired or if you quit - explain the reasons for the same and quickly move on to how you believe in moving ahead and learning from past experiences.

Do You Have Any Queries?

This is your opportunity to know more about the Company and the position you are applying for. Don't bombard the interviewer with too many questions. Instead, ask a few intelligent questions and at the end, ask for the job.

What Are Your Weaknesses?

This is often taken as a trick Question since you do not want to present your weaknesses and risk not qualifying for the job. The best way to answer this question, is to mention some harmless weaknesses and explain what you are doing to get over them.

For eg, "I tend to be a perfectionist", "I tend to become a workaholic and like to complete a lot of work in a short period of time", etc.

However, I have now started prioritizing my tasks so that I can complete each task based on its importance and urgency.

Remember, no matter what the question asked may be, always remember to believe in yourself. There is no harm in taking a few moments to think about what you want to say before answering the questions.