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All of us true Potterheads love and admire Albus Dumbledore, the greatest wizard and headmaster of Hogwarts ever known. But even so, we also know he made some very questionable choices, especially the ones involving the assignment of teachers at the school. Like, who would ever want to have such a vain and incompetent man as Gilderoy Lochheart for his teacher?

One artist from Germany decided to show the sassy side of Dumbledore, which seems to explain some of the decisions he made. She has been drawing the comics for more than a year now, and the fandom of Harry Potter are crazy about them! Even if we do believe Dumbledore is a hero, for once these comics show that he was also just one of us.

When Dumbledore Left Baby Harry At The Door
Comics Reveal How Irresponsible Dumbledore Was

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