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If you’re a newly-wed, it’s always a good idea to be on your best behaviour around your in-laws. Treat them with respect and the same would be given to you. Here are a few tips on how to conduct yourself...

- Be attentive to their needs. In case they stay separately, try and have a family gathering at least once a week. Try and visit as often as possible.

- Remember birthdays and anniversaries. Send thank-you notes for occasions.

- If for some reason you feel annoyed with them, don’t say things in haste. Think things through and then you will find there’s always something nice to say.

- In case there is a misunderstanding, it’s always good to clear the matter as soon as possible without brooding over it. It is better in the long run to confront issues rather than sweep them under the carpet.

- Keep financial matters clear and fair. If you happen to go shopping with your in-laws, do not always expect them to pay for you.

- Be of help in matters that concern the whole family. Take part enthusiastically in discussions that include family members but do not be interfering. Respect their personal space.