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Take the recycle route. Here's how you can lend a new look to your old silk sari.

All of us have a bunch of old silk saris that belong to our mums or grandmothers that unfortunately haven't been touched for years.

Most of us don't use it because the handiwork makes it so heavy that it's almost unfit for regular wear.

The best way to use these old silk saris is to re-purpose them into something that can be worn easily and multiple times.

In fact, three years back, to prepare my own wedding trousseau, I picked up some of my mother's old silk saris and turned them into western and fusion wear.

I wear them because they are comfortable and just right for my liking.

These are few of the things I myself made out of old silk saris and something you can also easily do.

Reuse the borders on new outfits
10 clever ways to refashion old silk saris
This is a great way to retain old world charm and fuse it with the new.

You can cut the borders from the saris that can no longer be used and stitch them over a new outfit.

Add them to new saris or suits or even long kurtis and dupattas.

Photograph: Kind Courtesy Dia Mirza/Instagram
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