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Where I grew up in Ontario there was an old guy, (Ozzie), that used to work in the hardrock mines in Timmins, Ontario for 30 years.

The mine is underground and was very rich.

Him and a bunch of other men used to work at the tunnel face, drilling and blasting the rock to remove it and get out the gold.

He said lots of times they would be drilling and they would drill into a vein of gold and there would be literally gold dust all around the rockface and their equipment.

The security at the mine was extremely tight and at the end of every shift they would be checked to see that they didn't leave with any high grade ore in their lunch buckets or on their person. He said they used to work with this Italian guy who they called the Greasy Wop.

He was a nice guy, (Pasquale), and they used to tease him all the time about how he plastered down his hair with grease.

Well after they retired, Ozzie went up to Timmins to pay this guy a visit.

He said when he walked in, there was Pasquale sitting at the table with his hair all clean and not a hint of grease in sight.

Ozzie then asked him, "when did you quit using grease in your hair?"

Pasquale said," right after I retired from the mine." He then told Ozzie the story.

Whenever the drills bore into a vein and the gold dust was everywhere, he would get some on his hands and then run his hands thru his hair.

He did this continually thru his shift and when he left at night and was checked at security, the dust in his hair was so finely disseminated that no one thought a thing about it.

He would then go home, wash his hair and recover the gold.

He said that over the years he had payed off his house and went back to Italy twice for a visit with the gold he had greased from the mine! :) :D :)

By Steve.