No meal is ever complete without a dessert. Our desserts section specialises in Kheers, Rabdis, Halwas and a variety of Indian Sweets.

3 Eggs
25 gms Cocoa powder
150 gms soft Margarine
150 gms light Corn syrup
150 gms Self raising flour

Chocolate Fudge Sauce

4 tbsp Double cream
100 gms dark Chocolate
125 ml Sweetend Condensed Milk

Lightly grease a half liter pudding basin.
Place the ingredients for the sponge in a mixing bowl and beat until well combined and smooth.
Spoon into the prepared basin and level the top. Cover with a disc of baking parchment and tie a pleated sheet of foil over the basin.
Steam for about two hors until the pudding is cooked and springy to the touch.
To make sauce, break the chocolate into small pieces and place in a small pan with the condensed milk. Heat gently, stirring until the chocolate melts.
Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the cream.
Turn it out on to a serving plate and pour over a little chocolate fudge sauce. Serve the remaining sauce separately.

Tip: Always chill glasses before preparing the icecream in it. This way it will stay stiff longer.